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Shirin Sahebnazar

real estate agent

Shirin Sahebnazar is a dream catcher. She helps new friends catch their dreams of buying and selling a wonderful home. Most important to Shirin is providing the most excellent service to buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust , referrals and repeat business. Clients appreciate her flexibility , low pressure sales , patience , ability to listen and hear what clients wants, negotiating and analytical skills and most importantly her ability to accurately price and market a home. In additional to that, Shirin is also an entrepreneur. she owned her business and she successfully managed to sell her business for profit.

Shirin has been raised in a family where her parents taught her from the young age of how important it is to own a property and how crucial it is to sell/buy at a good time. it is also important to note that Shirin has been exposed with house -flipping for over than 2 decades.

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